BizSavers Indoor Agriculture Incentives

Ameren Missouri is proud to support local and regional businesses with economic development and energy efficiency incentives that reduce business startup costs and the price of upgrading to more energy-efficient equipment. These programs help your business save money now and in the long term with reduced energy costs.

There is more to a cultivation facility than just a greenhouse. With so many different variables at play, it’s essential to know where you can cut costs during the design and construction of your facility. Good news, Ameren Missouri is here to help. The BizSavers® New Construction program provides incentives to support design that goes beyond the required minimum efficiency building codes. Join the thousands of other companies who have taken advantage of generous incentives from Ameren Missouri. 

Ameren Missouri’s electric rates are 8% below the Midwest average and are the lowest among investor-owned utilities in the entire state, making our service territory the perfect place to grow your business.

Economic Development Incentives (EDI) available from Ameren Missouri mean eligible businesses can qualify for an average 40% discount during their first five years of operation, helping your business establish deep roots.

Energy Efficiency Incentives help reduce the cost to upgrade from thirsty HID lamps to efficient LEDs that, along with other efficient equipment, could reduce your electricity use by 50%, helping your business flourish for years to come.

Economic Development Incentives

Total energy costs for indoor agriculture facilities can account for up to 50% of a business’s operating costs. Selecting a facility location in the Ameren Missouri service territory could mean long-term savings that set your business up for success.

Ameren Missouri’s Economic Development Incentives are available to new/existing commercial and industrial customers whose facilities have an increase in monthly demand of 300 kilowatts of electricity and have a 55% load factor. These customers, including indoor agriculture centers, may be eligible for a 40% reduction in electric rates for five years, allowing your business to get a head start on the competition. 

Energy Efficiency Incentives

While Economic Development Incentives kick off the savings, Ameren Missouri’s Energy Efficiency Incentives set you up for long term success by reducing the cost to upgrade to the newest energy-efficient technologies for your facility.

Comprising 38% of a typical growth facility’s energy use, lighting is a great place to start looking for savings. High-efficiency LEDs are now available to replace in vegetative and in flowering rooms.

But the savings don’t stop there. Energy efficiency incentives are also available for:

Savings in Action

Managing energy use is critical to optimizing your cultivation facility’s performance and maximizing your own revenue. Here’s how a typical facility’s energy use breaks down:

Get Started Saving!

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